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Sea bed- 2007

“My passion for seascapes started somewhere in 2004 after visiting Diu. Since then recording images from natural environment, specifically seascapes and rockscapes became my favorite preoccupations. After gathering information from various places I tried to translate my ideas in clay. Busy shores interest me, full of life with various plants and animals challenging between salinity  and total immersion. Rocky shores are among the richest coastal habitats with sea anemones, crabs and urchins found at various levels, surviving low tide in tide- pools or damp crevices.They provided me with a plethora of visual ideas, the story of multiple challenges, that relates to any living being. The series is abstract. They are  the memories in retrospect, of my trips to various coasts and cliffs in the past few years, memories which exist yet do not exist but proved to be a catalyst  in my creative journey. Seascapes,corals and underwater rock formations on which the water has caused geometric patterns have been a constant source of inspiration for me.”

Artist statement by p.r.Daroz for Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai and Art Alive Gallery, New Delhit

Imagesery, Mumbai and Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi 



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