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Daroz's delicacy of handling fragile clay sheets comes into focus when his work in porcelain is viewed. A most demanding medium, Indian porcelainous clay is plagued with weak green strength, low translucency and whiteness and a tendency to easily warp in the firing. Daroz's first efforts with porcelain won him an award in the Zagreb Triennale in 1987. He showed a 6 inch square small porcelain tile with relief, framed with back-lighting to expose its translucency.He subsequently dropped working in porcelain till the chance came in 2002 of working on the Egypt/India Art Show at the Habitat Centre, Delhi. Here again, the square format came to mind while the inspiration was from Egyptian art. 

Viewing his recent porcelain works, it is evident that Daroz has again combined elements from his earlier murals, like his faces peeping through the window grills. The human face is cut up like a puzzle, the psyche as a complex jigsaw of different social facades. Daroz, while making these slip cast slabs also views them from a completely different angle, laterally on his hand against his eye; a view that is purely for his own sense of fun; a view that the audience in the gallery will never see once the panel is framed and displayed vertically. 'Life is truly like a puzzle' says Daroz with a glint in his eye, full of the sense of fun and energy that he transmits to his art.



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