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Luminous Excavations-2007- Porcelain

After a residency at Jingdezhen in China in June 2007, Daroz experimented in fine porcelain using the qualities of translucency and light in order to create his ‘Luminous Excavations' which refer the viewer to glimpses of archaic excavations of civilization in a minimal, highly controlled, flat aerial landscape using texture and facial structures to create a departure to the realm of abstract expressionism. This abstract imagery in ceramics is pieced together to express the past in a pure sensual feast. The residency in China allowed him the freedom to express and explore his concealed thoughts with freshness. His shedding of ornamentation and colour was a powerful change in his artistic direction. As he explains,“ The purity and freshness of porcelain surmounts

 everything else. Flights of imagination took me to an elevated view of a geographically distinct landscape of a stark, surreal world- an excavated land with crumpled ruins and found objects...In this series of porcelain reliefs I have tried to capture the  essence of historical data, the hallucinated representations of the lost cities and civilizations featuring its archeology, agriculture, writings, trade and construction. All are pieced together to express the past in an abstract imagery, revealing only that which my senses could perceive”l

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