Daroz Pandurangiah b.1944,  (Hyderabad, Deccan)                                     

 (Short CV) 

Born in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in 1944, Daroz Pandurangiah is a renowned sculptor who transforms a clump of clay into an unparallelled work of art with his magical hands and plentiful imagination. Having graduated in 1968 from the College of Fine Arts and Architecture, Hyderabad with a diploma in Applied Arts and Design in Sculpture, he went on to complete his MFA in 1972 from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University Baroda with a specialization in ceramics. Awarded the National Academy Award, amongst many others, for Ceramics by the Lalit Kala Akademi, Delhi  he is an elected Member of the prestigious International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva. 

While having held over 18 solo exhibitions in India, Daroz has represented the country in numerous group exhibitions like the 4th World Ceramic Biennale, Icheon, Korea, 2nd Beijing Art Triennale, China, 3rd World Ceramic Triennale, Zagreb, Yugoslavia, Potters Exhibition, Singapore and the OBIDOS International Biennale, Portugal. He has participated in many international artists' workshops and camps in diverse countries like Mexico, Thailand, Spain, Singapore, Brunei, Istanbul, Egypt, Malaysia, Yugoslavia, besides all over India.


Daroz's commissions for architectural ceramics is much sought after in both the private residences of Mumbai, Baroda, Delhi and Surat as well as in commercial spaces like restaurant and hotels. Some of his ceramic art may be admired at Hotel Spice Island,Chennai; Raheja Resort, Shalimar Hotel,  the lobby of the Grand Hyatt and at Copper Chimney restaurant in Mumbai; the Chopsticks Restaurant in Delhi; Ashoka Restaurant in Nagpur; Coco Palms and Odyssey Restaurants at Gurgaon and the Jewel Of India Restaurant at Manhattan, New York among others.


Corporate offices like those of  Emami Ltd. Kolkata,Wadhwa Developers, Reliance Industries and Raheja Resort in  Mumbai; IFFCO Sadan , Hyatt Regency Hotel and American Study Centre in Delhi; Bayers Office, Transpek Industries, Sardar Patel Planetarium and Amigo Securities in Baroda, Hyderabad Shopping Centre; the Majorda Resort, Goa; and the Krishna Taj Residency in Hyderabad are some that boast of Daroz's fine artwork.


Daroz works from his private ceramic art studio at Ayanagar near the Gurgaon/Delhi border.



(Detailed cv)


Daroz Pandurangiah

b.1944,  (Hyderabad, Deccan)


Education and Honorifics 

2004               National Academy Award, Lalit Kala Academi New Delhi

1998               Awarded senior fellowship by H.R.D. Department of Culture, Government of India, New Delhi      

1990              Honorable Degree, 3rd World Ceramics Triennial, Zagreb, Yugoslavia

                       Elected as a member of International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva

1989              Honored for creativity in ceramics by the Ceramics World Symposium,


1987               Medallion and Trophy, OBIDOS International Biennale, Portugal

1985               2nd prize,ALL India Studio Potter's  Exhibition, New Delhi

1984               1st prize  All India Studio Potter's Exhibition, New Delhi                

1981               Research Grant by Lalit Kala Academi to work in Garhi Studios, New Delhi


1970               Awarded Andhra Pradesh Lalit Kala Academi Scholarship to study ceramics in Baroda

1967               Diploma in Applied Arts and Design, College of Fine Arts and Architecture, Hyderabad                                                                                                                   

1967-68         Sculpture, College of Fine Arts and Architecture, Hyderabad                              

1970-72         Ceramics under Jyotsna Bhatt, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda                                                                          


Solo exhibitions


2010              Art Alive Gallery ,N.Delhi

2008              Pundole Art Gallery Mumbai

2004               ABS, Bayers Art Gallery, Baroda

                       Khullar Farm, New Delhi                                                                                                  


90 & 84          Art Heritage, new Delhi


& 88              Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai                                                  

1989               Yohan Department Stores, Brunei                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

1985               Exhibition and Workshop Max Mueller Bhavan, Hyderabad and Pune

1982               Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

1982 & 78      Urja Art Gallery, Baroda


Group participations


2011                Art Summit, New Delhi

2010                4th Beijing International Art Biennale, China

2010                Inaugural show, Harrington Street Art Centre, Calcutta

2009 -2011      1001 Cups Contemporary Ceramics trip around the world from India to Switzerland

2008                Pravah, Contemporary Art Show, Art Pilgrim, New Delhi

                        Group Show organized by Red Earth Gallery, Mumbai

2007                4th World Ceramic Biennale, Icheon, Korea

Earth Synergy Indo–Korean Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition, Chennai and New   Delhi

2006               Gallerie Ganesha, New Delhi

                       Inaugural Show, Red Earth Gallery, Vadodra

                        Sculptors Group Show, Akar Prakar Gallery, Kolkata

2005                Ceramic Group Show, Gallery Nvya, New Delhi

                        2nd Beijing International Art Biennale, China

1990               3rd World Ceramic Triennial, Zagreb, Yugoslavia      

1989               Potters Exhibition, Singapore.

1988               National Biennale of Art, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal                                                        

1987 & 1982 National Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

1987               OBIDOS International Biennale, Portugal

1986               Indian Triennial of International Art, New Delhi

1986              Asian–European Art Biennale, Ankara, Turkey

1985               Roopankar Museum, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal

1985              Titograd, Belgrade, Bonn,Vienna, 6th triennale by ICCR  india

1981               Asian and Australian Bowl Exhibition, Lalit Kala Studio, New Delhi


Commissions in Public Space


2011                Ceramic mural Mr. Rakesh Agarwal's Residence, Baroda

2011                Ceramic murals Hotel Pullman, Gurgaon

2010                Ceramic mural - farm house,Chattarpur, New Delhi

2010                Ceramic Mural - Wadhwa Developers' ‘Platina' Corporate Office, Mumbai 

2009                Ceramic sculptures for Hindalco and Grasim Industries

2008                Ceramic Mural, Emami Corporate Office, Calcutta (400 sq.ft.)

2008                Ceramic mural - Corporate Office, Reliance Industries, Navi Mumbai (1500 sq.ft.)

2006                Seedling murals - office, IFFCO Sadan, Delhi (1000 sq.ft. area)

2005                Ceramic mural Flying Birds - Ashoka Restaurant, Nagpur                                         

2003                Ceramic art works - Coco Palms Restaurant, DLF, Gurgaon

                         Ceramic art works - Odyssey Restaurant, Sahara Mall, DLF, Gurgaon

                         Ceramic  Mural - Apartment Lobby, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

                         Ceramic Mural ABS Towers, Baroda

                        Ceramic Mural ‘Tree of Life' - Amigo Securities Pvt. Ltd., Baroda

1998                Mixed media mural (ceramic, wood and copper) and Columns- Hotel Spice Island,                                           Chennai.

                       Ceramic mosaic facade - Shopping Centre, Hyderabad

1997              Sand cast mural - American Study Centre, Delhi

1996              Ceramic Mural/Pottery - Raheja Resort, Mumbai

                       Ceramic Mural - Chopsticks Restuarant, Asiad Village, New Delhi

1995              Ceramic Mural - Shalimar Hotel, Mumbai

1994              Ceramic  Mural - I.R.S. Powai, Mumbai

                       Ceramic mural - Copper Chimney Restaurant, Chennai

1993              Ceramic art works, Majorda Resort, Goa

1992              Copper Relief Mural/Mosaic - Atrium, Krishna Taj Residency, Hyderabad

1991              Ceramic Mural - Jewel of India Restaurant, Manhattan, New York.

                       Large Stupa Series pots - Hyatt Regency, New Delhi

1988              Ceramic Mural - Copper Chimney Restaurant, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai                                                    

1990              Ceramic Mural - Transpek Industry Entrance Lobby, Baroda

1987              Ceramic Mural- Hotel Ashok Executive, Pune

                      Copper and Brass mural - Copper Chimney Restaurant, Worli, Mumbai

1986              Ceramic mural - Copper Chimney Restaurant, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

1976              Ceramic Mural - Sardar Patel Planetarium, Baroda


Other Commissions


2011                           Ceramic mural - Rakesh Agarwal  Residence, Baroda

2000                           Ceramic  Mural - Wadhwa Residence, Mumbai

1999                           Architectural ceramics - Rakesh Agarwal, Baroda

1997                           Ceramic columns - Anita Choudhary, New Delhi

1996                           Mural - Naresh Kumar Residence, Surat.

1990                           Mural - Paresh Saraya Residence, Baroda




2010              Ceramic Workshop, Gallery, Sanskriti, Maihar, M.P

2010              National Ceramic Workshop, Lalit Kala Academi, Puducherry

2010              Artist's Workshop  by Popular Prakashan, Goa

2009              Ceramic Workshop, Uttarayan Foundation, Baroda

2008              Travel Workshop, Mexico

2007              Travel workshop, Phuket, Thailand

2007              Artist in residence - Jingdezhen, China

2006              Conducted Mural Workshop, Nigran, Spain.

                      Sculptors' Camp sponsored by Gallery 88, Kolkata

                       Artist's Camp, sponsored at Marriot, Mumbai.

                       Travel Workshop in Morocco, organized by Popular Prakashan, Mumbai

2005               Silk Route, Travel Workshop, China, sponsored by Uttarayan, Baroda

2004               Potters and Sculptors Camp, J.D.C.A., Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa

                       Artists Camp, Singapore.

                       Art Camp, sponsored by Shrishti Art Gallery, Calicut, Kerala.

                       International Artists Workshop, Istanbul

2003               Participation, Artists Camp, Egypt and Malaysia

2001               Artist in residence, Lalit Kala Academi, Kolkata

2000               Conducted a Design Workshop in Terracotta, Bicholim, Goa

1999               Conducted Ceramic Mural Workshop, Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda

1998               Participated in a Ceramic Workshop, Kundra, Kerala

1991               Invited as an Expert to build the kiln and wheels, Faculty of Fine     Arts, M. S. University, Baroda

1989               Participation at the World Ceramic Symposium, Arandjolc, Yugoslavia and La'sal

1989               Conducted a workshop at the College of Fine Arts, Singapore                                               

1986-87         Invited by the late J. Swaminathan to set up ceramic workshop, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal

1983               Co-coordinator, Ceramic Camp, Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai                                              

1984               Participation in Ceramic Camp, Lalit Kala Akademi, Lucknow                                                           

1985               Conducted Ceramic Camp, Max Mueller Bhavan, Hyderabad, Pune


Besides his site specific commissions Daroz's works are available for public viewing at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi, The Museum of Arandjlovac, Yugoslavia, the Roopankar Museum, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, the Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, Indian Embassy, Portugal and the Ceramic Museum, Icheon, Korea.


Daroz lives and works in New Delhi.                                          



P R Daroz . All rights reserved.